One of the most common eye diseases is the angular alignment disorder that develops between the two eyes, known as strabismus. The problem of strabismus is a type of eye disease that needs to be treated quite quickly, as it causes a significant decrease in the quality of vision and negatively affects the external appearance of individuals.

Strabismus can occur at any age from the newborn period. It is essential for parents with a history of strabismus in their family to observe their children much more closely in terms of early detection. In addition to having a family history of strabismus, eye examinations must be performed from the baby’s birth, as strabismus is more common in children born with premature birth. It should not be forgotten that convulsions and traumas at an early age are among the factors that increase the risk of strabismus.

What are the types of strabismus?

  •  Congenital strabismus
  •  Strabismus due to muscle paralysis
  •  Strabismus due to refractive error
  •  Strabismus seen during adulthood
  •  Hidden strabismus

Strabismus and Treatment Methods

The most crucial distinction between the treatment methods for strabismus is the early detection of the disease. Since the causes differ from person to person, the treatment method varies from person to person.

Treatment With Glasses: Some strabismus occurs due to a refractive error and can be treated with glasses.

Eye Closure Treatment: Strabismus is not a disease that recovers independently and over time. With adhesive eye closure pads, the well-seeing eye is closed at certain times of the day, and the patient is allowed to use the lazy eye.

Strabismus that has just begun in the adult period is always very important. First, the presence of diseases that can cause strabismus should be investigated, and these diseases should be treated.

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