Tear congestion occurs when the fluid secreted by the tear gland in the eyes accumulates in the eye for any reason or flows from between the eyelids to the cheek. This condition causes an infection in the tear ducts, which occurs with symptoms such as pain, flushing, and swelling.

What are Tear Duct Disorders?

Congenital Obstruction: This condition, which we often encounter in babies, is a process that begins with childbirth. It can occur due to tearing ducts that have not completed their development or developmental problems in the structure of the skull. It usually manifests with watering and burring in the eye 1-2 months after birth.

Narrowing of the ducts with age: It may occur due to narrowing and blockages in the tear ducts that develop due to advancing age status.

Facial injuries and trauma: Any injury that may occur on the face and bones may cause blockage of the channels.

What is the Treatment for Blocked Tear Duct?

The treatment methods applied for babies are massage and drip methods applied on a physician’s recommendation. Surgical intervention may be performed in cases that do not respond to treatment.

The tear duct does not open independently in adults, as in infants. In the first place, dilation, probing, and washing methods are also used in adults. If these are not enough, the stent method or various surgical methods can be applied after the control by the ophthalmologist.

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