In the areas of the face where we have a fat injection, an extra “brightness, vitality, and freshness” is observed, except for fullness. Because stem cells are densely contained in fat, they increase blood flow in the area where fat is injected, accelerate new vasculation, and stimulate collagen production. In this way, stem cells that are dense in fat create a fuller, healthier, and younger-looking face.

In our clinic, we purify the stem cells contained in the adipose tissue under sedation and apply them to the face.

The benefits of stem cells that have been proven in the medical literature:

  • Stem cells stimulate some growth factors in the blood and directly increase collagen production from fibroblast cells. (Provides fullness, shine, and vitality on the face).
  • Stem cells affect the skin’s fertile layers, increasing the dermal’s thickness and density (Stem cells reduce wrinkles for this reason).
  • Stem cells increase skin blood supply. (Stem cells grow the repair ability of the skin, providing shine and vitality to the skin).
  • Stem Cells modulate growth factors. (Repair activities on the skin, reduction of spots, removal of irregularities on the skin).
  • It is known that stem cells are a source for producing growth factors necessary for maintaining and repairing the youth of the face.

These growth factors improve the skin’s quality and the texture’s smoothness and help reduce wrinkles. Stem cell application not only corrects the youthful contour and shape of the face but also increases the skin’s firmness due to this effect.

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