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Health Tourism, in order to reach health services, good life activities and rehabilitation services that make up a healthy life for individuals; leaving the country they live in, visiting another country and meeting their health needs.

We can collect health tourism under 3 main headings.

1. Medical Tourism (Treatment and surgery in hospitals, etc.)
2. Thermal Tourism (Rehabilitation and rest etc. services in Thermal Facilities)
3. Tourism for the Elderly and Disabled (Long-term stays with social activities in geriatric treatment center or highlands)

As Medlife Medical Center, we provide services to be the pioneer of Health Tourism in Bodrum with the Health Tourism unit we established within our body. With the patient-oriented approach we offer to our patients, we define the needs of the foreign patient in the best way possible. We aim to provide the most accurate service, both medically and operationally.

Bodrum Medlife Medical Center has been designed to provide international quality services in the field of Health Tourism with its technological infrastructure and expert staff.

As Bodrum Medlife Medical Center, our priority is; is to ensure that our foreign patients go through the diagnosis and treatment processes in the most peaceful and comfortable way. Bodrum Medlife Medical Center International Health Unit Department also provides guidance during the planning of visits of patients and their relatives from abroad and the implementation of treatment processes.

Services offered by our International Health Tourism Unit:

  • Taking patient requests with medical reports and creating a treatment plan by our doctors
  • Planning appointments and treatment time
  • Visa procedures and flight ticket organization planning
  • Providing transfer of the patient between Airport Arrival -Hotel- Medlife Medical Center – Airport Departure
  • Ambulance Services
  • Preparation of Medical Reports in the requested language
  • Translation service in all languages
  • Follow-up support after treatment
  • City and environment tour organizations

Why Bodrum for Health Tourism?

Bodrum is one of the most popular regions of Turkey among tourism destinations. Besides the sea-sand-sun holiday, it is a complete holiday route with its clean air and unspoiled ecological balance, historical and cultural heritage.

Our patients, whose treatment planning continues, can have a unique holiday experience and have a pleasant health holiday. Contact our international patient unit now to have a wonderful holiday experience while planning your treatments.

Medife Medical Center, our leading health institution in the field of Health Tourism in Bodrum, continues to work with great devotion to treat you, our guests, in the best way and to follow the holiday organization processes. We set out with the mission of your health is in safe hands, and we proceed with the principle of providing the best health and holiday experience to all our foreign patients.

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