Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical medicine and rehabilitation deals with any medical condition that affects the brain, spinal cord, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons resulting from injury, illness or chronic problems. Aiming to improve mobility and quality of life, the physical medicine and rehabilitation branch focuses on patients as a whole, not just a body part. The most common treatments include:

  • medical rehabilitation
  • Pain-neuromuscular medicine rehabilitation
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation of central nervous system disorders
  • pediatric rehabilitation


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Treatment Methods

  • Heat Applications
  • Electric Current Applications
  • Mechanical Applications
  • Intra-articular injections
  • painful point injections
  • ESWT (out of body shock wave therapy)
  • manual therapy
  • neuraltherapy
  • ozone therapy
  • PRP

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