What are Chest Diseases?

Examination, follow-up and treatment of all lung diseases within the branch are performed by the physicians of the chest diseases department. There are many diseases that prevent the person from doing daily activities, reduce the quality of life, cause discomfort, and occur in the respiratory system and lungs. Diseases that cause many complaints such as cough, chest, back and shoulder pain, wheezing, sputum, snoring, blood accompanied by coughing, weakness, sweating seen only at night, fever, loss of appetite and weight loss, are followed up and followed by the chest diseases department. is treated. Some of these diseases are:

  • pulmonary embolism
  • Lung cancer
  • allergic lung diseases
  • chronic cough
  • Asthma, bronchiectasis, and COPD, known as obstructive pulmonary diseases
  • Pleurisy, popularly known as fluid accumulation in the pleura
  • Pneumothorax, or deflation of the lung
  • pneumonia defined as pneumonia
  • It is a kind of disease whose cause is not yet known, which causes lung involvement and which can be treated; sarcoidosis
  • Smoking addiction, quitting methods and smoking-related diseases

Specific to the disease, the physician first listens to the patient’s comprehensive history. After the physical examination, radiological imaging methods and laboratory tests can be applied when deemed necessary. Likewise, depending on the patient’s condition, history and examination, additional tests may be performed in the pulmonary function laboratory. After diagnosing the disease, the pulmonologist determines the appropriate treatment method and treats it as an outpatient or inpatient depending on the current condition of the patient.

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